Friday, January 11, 2013

Boxing Day

I had to work on Christmas (oh the joys of being a nurse). So, Jeremy and I celebrated Boxing Day instead. And this is one of the gift bags-o-goodness I received...
Yes, Jeremy knows me all too well, and the fact I adore cheese...and figs...and the oh-so-glorious Brit invention of clotted heart instantly melted. I have never met a cheese I haven't liked...and these were all delicious. I had saved the labels from the cheeses to write them down, but they accidentally were thrown out, so I can't say specifically the varieties, except one: Up In Smoke Rivers Edge Chevre, created by the wonderful people Three Ring Farm in Oregon. In the photo above, it is the cheese with the shiny gold label. And it is award winning. And holds the essence of maple trees in it's soft creamy deliciousness. We were both very impressed by this cheese (and it comes wrapped in maple leaves...which would look very pretty on a plate at a party). The other cheeses were great as well; the blue was a very spicy type. However, hands down, Up In Smoke was our favorite of the night. After skimming their website, I have a small daydream of landing a cheese internship there--who wouldn't want to make cheese from cute goats on a dairy by the river in Oregon? It sounds like a dream!

On a sidenote--you CANNOT go wrong smearing clotted cream all over pannetone...ever. It is scrumdillyumptious. Apparently it makes really good french toast. We didn't make it that far. Maybe this year we can make pannetone french toast with clotted cream, and an ever so gentle drizzle of maple syrup...

Happy eating!

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